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Serve life affirming organizations in NWI to  help them advance their purpose, vision and goals.

Contribute to the work of  life affirming organizations in NWI by informing and utilizing
the resources and skills of the Open Door Fellowship congregation.

 How It All Began:
The people that make up Open Door Fellowship are everyday people who serve an extraordinary God! Many of
us have been blessed by organizations like yours. We want to continue the motion of mercy we’ve received. The idea came to help those who already help others. We did not need to start anything new, simply commit our time, talents, and resources to life affirming  organizations in our region! Many at ODF  volunteer  individually, but how much more we hope to accomplish collectively!

How Can We Help?

  • Collecting office supplies

  • Collecting Bibles and other Christian resources

  • Collecting food, clothing and other daily necessities

  • Painting, cleaning or doing minor repairs for your facility

  • Mailings

  • And much more!

How It Works:

  • You identify what month during the year our assistance could be most beneficial to you and consider ways that we can best serve you.

  • The heart of Motion of Mercy is to promote the wonderful work your organization does and hopefully, contribute to your effort of reaching more of those who need your help.

  • THINK BIG! We have a team of people who have hearts to serve you, and while there is no guarantee that we can meet all of your needs, we will do what we can.

Who We Are: The Motion of Mercy Team
Heidi Freyenberger – Team Leader
Patricia Greder
Jen Luce

For More Information:
Heidi Freyenberger
Phone: (219)309.0760

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