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What’s your gathering like? What do I wear? Do kids do anything? What about my infant? These are common questions asked by our guests, and we hope to answer some of these here for you.

Open Door Fellowship’s Sunday gatherings tend to be somewhat informal. We encourage everyone to relax, and make yourself at home! Clothing attire need only be appropriate for public places and in good taste – it’s mostly a casual atmosphere. At times, our children can go outside and play and run around, so please be aware of this as you prepare your little ones to join us.

When you arrive through our doors, you’ll be greeted by one of our greeters. At this time, if you have any particular questions, they can help direct you to someone with answers. They will also give you a handout with information about our gathering. Normally our announcements are sent out via email during the week, but we keep some on hand for our guests so please take one! Feel free to sit anywhere in the worship center area. KidZone, which is our children's ministry, meets during the teaching time of our gathering.  Children are dismissed and they can be checked in to their respective classes at that time.  Nursery and preschool children can be checked in before the morning gathering begins.  On most days, children will be in their own classes during the teaching time and their teachers will bring them back into the worship center around 11:30 as the main gathering winds down. You are not required to have your children participate in KidZone. If you would prefer to have your children to stay with you, that’s perfectly fine. We do ask that if your child is sick, that they not be placed into the nursery or preschool in order to keep other children from getting sick as well.

Our worship gathering normally begins with a worship song, and then a time to greet fellow members. Next, any announcements will be shared as well as a time of prayer. We then enter into a time of worship in song. Afterwards, our pastor (or a guest speaker) will provide a thought-provoking teaching for the day.

As the worship gathering comes to a close, a number of our leaders will be available in the front of the worship center to pray for any needs you would like to share with them.

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