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Here at Open Door, we have ministries for children of all ages. We have trained and screened volunteers that love our children! Our goal is to present real life-skills for kids to use while they learn to experience how great life following Jesus can be!

Children can be registered for their age appropriate classes and nursery. When registered, the parent and child will receive a number used to help page the parents. The pager is located above the worship stage, and shows up with bright red numbers. If you see your child’s number, proceed to the cafe for more information. You will also need your number to pickup your child after service.


Click                   for information on our Child Protection Policy.


Click                  for information on Kids Club, our K-5 early dismissal program.

Nursery (infant to 3 yrs)
We have a fully staffed nursery that allows kids under three to safely play and interact while Mom and Dad worship without worry or distraction.

KidZone (grades Preschool-5)
KidZone is where kids learn to experience their own relationship with Christ through personal worship and lessons meant to meet kids where they are.

Preschool-2nd grade curriculum:

There are lots of stories in the Bible. But all the stories are telling one big story. The story of how God loves his children and comes to rescue them.

The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to discover for themselves the one who is at the center of God’s great rescue story — and at the center of their story, too.

Because the Bible isn’t a book of rules. Or a book of heroes. The Bible is most of all a story.

And at the center of that story is a baby. And every single story in the Bible whispers his name.

3rd-5th grade curriculum:

Glorious God, Glorious Gospel has been developed to ground our children in the essential, foundational, and glorious truths of the Gospel. These truths take into account the whole counsel of God by answering important questions, such as:

  • Who is God, and what is He like?

  • Why do I exist? How am I to act toward God?

  • What is my greatest problem and need?

  • What has God done to solve this problem?

  • How can I be saved?

  • How should I now live?

Too often children are given mere bits and pieces of Gospel truth apart from the wider and deeper context of these truths. To repeatedly say, “Jesus died to save us from our sins,” is absolutely true, but this statement alone does not provide the amazing foundation on which this truth is built. And without that foundation, the enormous personal implications this truth demands are minimized. After completing all 15 chapters, children will have been presented with a clear, succinct summary of the Gospel. 

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